The Worlds Best Screening Attachment!

FlipScreen is a revolutionary, high volume screening attachment that inexpensively and efficiently screens any material on site making it perfect for all industries. 

Key Benefits

  • Change the screen size with 1 operator in under 5 minutes!  
  •  Biggest screening area in it’s class.
  •  Switch between carrier machines without requiring a hydraulics technician. 
  •  The ability to screen any material, at any load.
  •  The screening plant can be used under water, with corrosive materials and to dig fresh ground.

New Direct Drive Models - Zero daily maintenance!

Direct Drive Benefits?

  • It is quieter to operate.
  • More powerful.
  • Direct drive creates even smoother action.
  • Integrated braking system.
  • More steel where it is needed and less where it is not.
  • No service or greasing daily
  • No chains to service.
  • Stainless steel bearings requiring no service.
  • The machine is lighter.
  • The hitch is closer to the cutting edge, making it more compact to operate. 

FlipScreen is the ONLY attachment to have - Smart Valve Technology!

Why Smart Valve Tech?

Flip Screen Smart Valve technology allows for any hydraulic flow and pressure without modification of the loader or excavator. This has been designed by Flip Screens R&D team and is a revolution in hydraulic attachments. Invented by Flipscreen Australia, July 2012. 

"It's faster than the stationery vibrator we used in the past. It's a one man operation. We got a lot more materials out. In 2 weeks we've recovered over 300 ton of our product. I'm very pleased with it & would recommend it to anybody!"
Scott Broughton
Shredder Supervisor, PSC Metals, Inc -Columbus, OH
"As you can see with the demonstration, the FlipScreen saves the rock from going to waste. We have been very happy with Flipscreen USA, luckily we didn't need any support, but they answered any questions and technical information needed. We are very pleased with FlipScreen and you will be too"
Denham Springs Louisiana, USA Concrete, Recycling, Excavator

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