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The Worlds Best Screening Attachment!

A high volume attachment that inexpensively and efficiently screens any material on-site!

Any carrier

FlipScreen has a model for ANY SIZE CARRIER. From excavators, to skid steers, loaders, telehandlers, backhoes and even tractors. 



Skid Steer



Changeable Screens

Screens range in size from 1/4″ to 12″, with customs sizes made as well.

Screens are changed on-site, in under 5 minutes, with one operator and no tools. 

1.5 - 2.5 ton Skid steer
3 - 4 ton Skid steer
5 - 9 ton Skid steer
11 - 18 ton Loader

Highest Volume

Compared to other attachments on the market, FlipScreen has the largest screening surface area of its class.

Award-winning Patented Technology

FlipScreen is a patented innovation like no other screening solution on the market.

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"This thing works great! The big advantage I'm seeing is you only have to handle the material one time. You can screen right where it needs to be. And they sell different size screens for it too. The brush keeps the screen clean and from clogging up, and since its not a vibratory machine, its not shaking itself apart the whole time. You can also screen directly into a truck, dirt in one and your rock into another or wherever you need it."
Andrew Camarata


"It's faster than the stationery vibrator we used in the past. It's a one man operation. We got a lot more materials out. In 2 weeks we've recovered over 300 ton of our product. I'm very pleased with it & would recommend it to anybody!"
Scott Broughton
Shredder Supervisor, PSC Metals, Inc -Columbus, OH

Scrap Metal

"As you can see with the demonstration, the FlipScreen saves the rock from going to waste. We have been very happy with Flipscreen USA, luckily we didn't need any support, but they answered any questions and technical information needed. We are very pleased with FlipScreen and you will be too"
Denham Springs Louisiana, USA Concrete, Recycling, Excavator

Concrete, Recycling

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