Contract Screening

Flipscreen has been doing contract work for large organizations for many years, from Construction to mining and scrap metal. However, it is now an official business drive to offer our services on a grander scale. 

If you have a site that has material which needs sorting, we would love to assist with a premium service. 

It does not matter the material. 

What we will provide: 

  • Trained Operator
  • Carrier machine, e.g. Loader, Excavator. 
  • Flipscreen screening attachment. 
  • We will scale these to suit the size of the contract. 

You then pay per ton of material. 


We will ensure site health and safety standards are met. 

We take away the hassle of training operators, of hiring and maintaining equipment, managing the process, etc. 

And we ensure a very high grade of screening. 


In terms of scope, we can handle contracts from 5000 to 20 million tons

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