Meet the Team

Joshua W. Hill, MBA, PMP Vice President - North America

Josh joined FlipScreen with a background in heavy equipment marketing and business development. He hit the ground running with ambitious goals for the company that are backed by a strong belief that the FlipScreen is the most profitable screening solution available, it’s just that not enough people knew about it. He is responsible for growing the North American market into one that can effectively share the value of the FlipScreen with as many people as possible. He is reaching his goals by building and managing an internal team of FlipScreen employees and an external team of FlipScreen partners, making sure everyone works together to provide the best FlipScreen experience to everyone.

Paul Esposito Project Manager - North America

Paul recently came back to FlipScreen, after having left his position of Director of Sales and managing our historical contract screening jobs to operate his own contract screening company for a few years. While working in the field on his own, he tried using other screeners to get the job done faster, but he soon realized that larger screeners, even “portable” ones, may look impressive on paper or even in person, but their operating and transportation costs devoured his job’s profits. Paul now runs our contract screening business as a staunch advocate for the FlipScreen’s profitability and with over 30 different FlipScreen models, we can handle any size screening job anywhere in North America with fewer operators, fewer pieces of equipment, and fewer costs than even the largest screeners.

Rodney Smith Service Manager – North America

Rodney has been with FlipScreen the longest out of everyone on the Dallas team. He was hired to help with service-related issues as a technician, but thanks to the robustness of the FlipScreen, there’s not a lot for him to do in that department. Today, he keeps busy by handling the paperwork and logistics for new sales as well as taking care of the administrative needs of the office. Don’t worry, he’s a sharp mechanic who can still fix anything and is always available to help customers with any mechanical issues that may come up, usually solving them quickly over the phone and minimizing downtime.

Sean Waggoner Sales Coordinator – North America

Sean recently joined FlipScreen in September 2017 to help us take better care of the exponentially growing number of people contacting us every day who want to see about adding a FlipScreen to their operations. He is responsible for sending more information with quotes to all new inquiries and keeping the sales team organized by making sure they follow up with the people who need further assistance. Sean also helps with the administrative needs of contract screening jobs for the time being. Rest assured, Sean is just as passionate about the FlipScreen as all of us, and in his current role, he is trying to learn as much as he can to achieve his long-term goal of becoming a full-time FlipScreen salesman. 

Jerry Ramirez Foreman – North America

Jerry worked with FlipScreen on contracting jobs in the past, and now that we are doing contracting jobs again, he’s back helping us manage job sites, equipment, and operators. He is an experienced operator who isn’t afraid climb into the cab to get the job done.

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