How does it work?

The Flipscreen screens anti-clockwise, with its uniquely engineered shape not allowing material to escape, unless it is small enough to fall through the screen. It is then rotated clockwise to allow the oversize material to be ejected wherever needed. 

Is it Robust?

The flipscreen is used worldwide to screen material such as scrap metal and concrete. It has even been used with anti personnel mines. The reinforced steel is highly durable. 

How many screens can I get?

We manufacture standard screens from ¼” to 12″ meshes. Including custom sizes on demand.  

How long does it take to change a screen?

5 minutes. With one operator, on-site and no tools. 

What happens to clay and dirt clods?

The unique action of the Flipscreen breaks up these clods more than any other screening bucket. 

Do you have one for my Tractor, Digger, Loader?

We manufacture Flipscreen attachments to suite any carrier from Tractors, to telehandlers, backhoes, loaders, skid steers and excavators. 

Do I need Auxillary Hydraulics?

Yes, you need what is sometimes called a third valve. If you currently run a 4-in-1 bucket or other hydraulic attachment, then you already have it. 

Why does it need to be proportional?

So that you can slowly remove and refit the meshes. 

How Much are these?

The price depends entirely on what attachment is suitable to your carrier and the type of material being screened. 

Where can I see one working?

We can either set you up for a Demo on your property, at our facilities or point you to existing customers in close proximity. 

What countries do you sell them in?

Flipscreen attachments can be found in over 43 countries around the world. We have a growing dealer network, and HQ will provide information and service to any country. 

What material can I not scoop with a Flipscreen?

If you can scoop it, you can Flipscreen it.