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Just a few ways a FlipScreen will transform your landscape business!

Dumping Costs

Reduced dumping/hauling costs. The profit opportunity that many landscapers may be missing is the cost of either tipping fees or travel costs to dump material that can and should be recycled

Saved Time

Change mesh size in 5 minutes to screen different size material. Also bypass the need to travel between material pile and screener, but rather screen wherever you want, even into a truck, with the oversize going into another truck or pile. 


Create salable Compost which could be your highest single profit margin item. 

Organic soils

Enhanced grass seed and plant growth with high organic soils. By incorporating the sand and organics mixture, you can get a 20%-25% organic content soil which grows grass seed amazingly well. The rows are ready for screening in two years with minimal turning.

Less Personnel

One operator and you are able to make massive profits. No need for multiple people on-site to manage another piece of machinery. 

Reduced labor

Reduced labor cost when using “freshly” screed topsoil in seed areas. (We are certain that the labor savings equals the soil cost by using fresh not compacted soil).

Seperate Debris

On large job sites, where roots and other contaminants are present, Flipscreen can save a fortune by separating debris from organics rather than hauling & replacing. “Flipscreen” is an excellent separator. Thus your total pile, most of which includes sand gets screened onto the organics, thus adding sandThe remaining aggregates are used to either fill more land, crushed for sub base use, or building a road.

Increased production

With the largest screening surface in its class and the ability to screen wherever you want, without traveling, the Flipscreen screens more than any other screening machine or attachment per carrier class. 

Reduced Maintenance

Lower maintenance costs of any other screening machine, including other screening attachments, grizzlies, trommels, etc. 

Fewer Carriers

One carrier with a FlipScreen and the site is operational.

Merry Christmas

We are offering customers $500 off any FlipScreen from now until Christmas!

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