Flipscreen vs "Mobile" Screen machine

Screen greater VOLUME with a Flipscreen!


Screening aggregates at 200 to 300 tonnes per hour exceeds the screening rates of most portable screening plants.

In the case of large sizings, the Flipscreen is even faster than these cumbersome conventional plants. Many Quarry operators use Flipscreens to increase cash flow without having to outlay large sums of money on portable screening plant. With one carrier machine the quarry is operational.

 The WL500 Fertscreen screener bucket screens 7.7 heaped cubic yards of fertilizer in less than one minute!


A Flipscreen is a fraction of the cost of a “mobile” screen machine. Not to mention much lower operating costs, maintenance, etc. 

Cost analysis vs similar class screening plant. 


Flipscreen is capable of screening ANY material, it can be used underwater, with corrosive materials and to dig fresh ground.

Time & Management requirements

Set up time is greatly reduced with a Flipscreen, and with far less complex site requirements and moving machinery, it is far easier to manage. There is also no need for handling material multiple times and tipping into another machine, the flipscreen handles the material one time and screens directly where the material is needed, even straight into a truck. 


One operator for one carrier machine and your site is operational. No need for multiple people to pay and manage/supervise.

Transportation, mobility & Logistics

Transporting one carrier machine saves on money, time and complexity. The Flipscreen can be changed between carrier machines with very little hassle. Flipscreen can even be floated on a truck still attched to the carrier.

Between sites and on site, moving a Flipscreen is a dream, whereas moving the so called “mobile” screen machines, is a nightmare.  


Screen more material, with less machinery, less personnel, less time, less upfront expenditure or ongoing expenses, all relate to greater profits. We have many clients who pay off their flipscreen within 2 weeks of purchasing it. 


New Flipscreen models do not require daily maintenance. It is non-vibratory and has no internal moving parts. In fact we calculate maintenance costs on the EX85 DD and EX145 DD machines to be around 2 cents per hour. 


The flipscreen on one carrier machine takes up minimal space for sites that require economy without any impact on results. 

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