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You could be doing so much more with a Flipscreen Vs a Grizzly Screen!

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Quality of screened product
Flexibility of sizing
Quantity of Product screened

Grizzly screen

Quality of screened product
Flexibility of sizing
Quantity of Product screened

The bottom line is that a Grizzly screen is outdated and outdone by a Flipscreen in every way. You buy a grizzly and you will handle material multiple times a day, with poor results that would be frustrating to anyone. 

“I'm so happy I changed over to a flipscreen. It was like going from an Axe to a chainsaw!”.

With larger mesh sizes, screening is pretty much as fast as loading!

screen size

Below is a WL180 Flipscreen, suitable for a 11 – 18 ton loader. With a 50mm Mesh, it will screen 276 yd³ of material per hour. You will never be able to achieve this with a similar sized loader dropping material onto a 50mm mesh grizzly!

We are able to produce any size mesh, enabling you to screen material as fast as any large grid grizzly, except straight into a truck, or wherever needed. 

Handle material Once!

Site Flow

grizzly screen
grizzly screen

Do you want results or not!?

Flipscreen products

“The extra product screened per day, paid for the Flipscreen in under 1 month and then saw profits that the Grizzly could never have achieved!”.

Summary of Benefits

Flipscreen attachments range in size from 1-ton carrier machines to 50-ton carrier machines. And everything between. Whether you have a skid steer, loader, excavator, or tractor. We have an attachment for your carrier. 

A Flipscreen is capable of screening ANY material, it can be used underwater, with corrosive materials and to dig fresh ground. The flipscreen is also able to screen different size material with a 5 minute screen change, on-site and with no tools and only one operator. The grizzly screen is simply not capable of this. 

Set up time is greatly reduced with a Flipscreen, and with far less complex site requirements and moving machinery, it is far easier to manage. There is also no need for handling material multiple times and tipping into another machine, the flipscreen handles the material one time and screens directly where the material is needed, even straight into a truck.

One operator for one carrier machine and your site is operational. No need for multiple people to pay and manage/supervise.

Transporting one carrier machine saves on money, time and complexity. The Flipscreen can be changed between carrier machines with very little hassle. Flipscreen can even be floated on a truck still attched to the carrier.

Between sites and on site, moving a Flipscreen is a dream, whereas moving a grizzly screen is a real hassle. 

Screen more material, with less machinery, less personnel, less time, lower ongoing expenses, all relate to greater profits. We have many clients who pay off their flipscreen within 2 weeks of purchasing it. 

The grizzly screen needs to be constantly defouled. Jamming rocks can be a real time waster. Not to mention the material that falls straight off and needs to be scooped up again and dropped a second time onto the screen. A flipscreen never needs to be defouled, even sticky material is kept clear from the mesh with our brush kit. And material only needs to be screened once. 

The flipscreen on one carrier machine takes up minimal space for sites that require economy without any impact on results compared to a cumbersome grizzly screen. Real estate on site, means money. The flipscreen can screen where the material is needed. You take the screener to the material, instead of having to cart the material to the screening machine. 

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