Coal Cleaning

Over 1400 Tonnes per hour!

The flipscreen is making great inroads in the coal industry. After many years of being a peripheral machine for processing contaminated stockpiles, now the flipscreen is at the forefront of the mining process.

Used in mines all across the world the FlipScreen is scalable to any carrier such as the WL3000 project that will culminate with a machine which processes 30 tonnes at a time at “the coal face “. Current versions of the best screening technology can be used in any mining operation requiring primary seperation and crushing process’s such as:

  • Gold Ore
  • Bauxite
  • Contanimated coal
  • Iron Ore
  • Nitropril
  • All weather gravel road

Where the coal contains shale, intrusion or other contaminants, the Flipscreen can process the coal to a higher grade and therefore achieving a premium in approximately eight seconds per bucket. The WL3000 will process 30 tonnes of coal per 76 second cycle, resulting in an hourly rate of 1,410 tonnes per hour. In the case of iron ore mining where crushing is required, the WL3000 computer can be set to crush mode to break up oversized material during the process.



Tonnes of Coal / 76 second cycle +
Tonnes Per Hour

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