Rapid separation reduces costs & increases earnings!

In many situations the cost difference between concrete and dirt mixed together, or concrete and dirt separated can be the difference between profit and loss on a job.

Once concrete is separated from dirt and other small contaminants it becomes a recyclable product. Equally, once concrete boulders are removed from dirt, that dirt can become clean fill which can be sold or given away, dramatically reducing costs on a construction or demolition site. The Flipscreen screener bucket can seperate these components in seconds. 

An EX130 Flipscreen screening bucket on a 30 ton excavator will scoop up 2 tons of concrete and dirt and separate the load through a 2 inch mesh in 12 to 15 seconds. Factor this into a full cycle time of 26 to 40 seconds between scoops and the Flipscreen attracts comments like “the best piece of equipment I have bought in 30 years” 

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