Any material which can be scooped up can be screened with the Flipscreen topsoil screener bucket. In the case of dirt, whether the material be sand, loam, or clay – if it can be passed through a screen mesh the Flipscreen screener bucket will successfully size it. FlipScreen provides a patented topsoil screener that is unmatched in quality and performance. 

The most profitable Topsoil Screener you will ever own!

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Different Size Meshes

1/2″ Mesh

3″ Mesh

Achieve whatever result you are looking for, with a simple 5 minute Mesh change! 1/4″ to 12″ mesh sizes available, and larger custom sizes. 

Wet or sticky material!? No problem!

Grass and vegetation are easily separated with our portable topsoil screener along with rocks and other contaminants. What starts off as piles of weed infested dirt can be transformed into valuable top soil. If the material being screened is particularly sticky a purpose built roller brush can be fitted to the Flipscreen topsoil screener.   

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Topsoil Screener Testimonials

"This thing works great! The big advantage I'm seeing is you only have to handle the material one time. You can screen right where it needs to be. And they sell different size screens for it too. The brush keeps the screen clean and from clogging up, and since its not a vibratory machine, its not shaking itself apart the whole time. You can also screen directly into a truck, dirt in one and your rock into another or wherever you need it."​
Andrew Camarata​
"I am not certain that “Flipscreen” should be categorized as an equipment purchase using an unknown payback schedule as criteria. Rather I suggest that your prospective buyers consider creating a new profit center for their business; one which repays itself in several very significant ways."
Land Art
Paul Jones

I should mention that when I announced purchasing the S45 Flipscreen, my Brother & operating partner called the Flipscreen idea stupid and solicited two sub contract excavators to laugh along with him. I forged ahead, into composting and screening highly organic soil. A very, very high profit component. The highest profit margin product we sell. But the profit goes up from just the soil sales. In two years I have made fools of the naysayers.

Creating a Profit Centre

  • Reduced dumping/hauling costs
  • Profitable return on a piece of snow removal equipment not otherwise in regular use
  • Compost which is our highest single profit margin
  • Enhanced grass seed and plant growth with high organic soils
  • Retail sales magnet (freshly screed, high organic compost at attractive retail pricing).
  • Reduced labor cost when using “freshly” screed topsoil in seed areas. (We are certain that the labor savings equals the soil cost by using fresh not compacted soil).
  • On large job sites, where roots and other contaminants are present, Flipscreen can save a fortune by separating debris from organics rather than hauling & replacing.
Having leveled an acre across the road from our main operation, I began a program of dumping the returning co-mingled landscape material in rows for organics and piles for aggregates.
The profit opportunity that many landscapers may be missing is the cost of either tipping fees or travel costs to dump material that can and should be recycled. This adds a 2% increase in annual sales and a 10% increase in net profit.
I am charging at $100/hour and maintaining a 90% profit margin on the result without considering the savings in hauling and dumping elsewhere.
“Flipscreen” is an excellent separator. Thus my total piles, most of which include sand get screened onto the organics, thus adding sand. The remaining aggregates are used to either fill more land, crushed for sub base use, or building a road.
By incorporating the sand and organics mixture, I have gotten a 20%-25% organic content soil which grows grass seed better than anything we have used in the past thirty-five years. The rows are ready for screening in two years with minimal turning.
As a rule, I am making over 20 yards per hour with average moisture conditions. The more sand and the more dry days the closer it gets to 35 yds.
This technology adds the potential to change the way a landscape operation does business. It is a profit center, not an expense.
Paul Jones at Landart in Wisconsin

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