Excavator Screening Bucket


The Excavator screening bucket range allows you to scoop and screen any material, on any sized carrier!
All with high efficiency and no shaking, allowing you to move anywhere screening the material where it needs to be. Even directly into a truck.

The best Excavator screening bucket on the market!

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Excavator screening buckets for sale:

12 - 17 tonne


  • Scoop Volume: 0.5 m³
  • Total Volume: 1.5 m³

18.5 - 25 tonne


  • Scoop Volume: 0.8 m³
  • Total Volume: 2.4 m³

22 - 27 tonne


  • Scoop Volume: 0.8 m³
  • Total Volume: 2.4 m³

17 - 25 tonne


  • Scoop Volume: 0.85 m³
  • Total Volume: 2.55 m³

26 - 30 tonne


  • Scoop Volume: 1.4 m³
  • Total Volume: 4.2 m³

29 - 35 tonne


  • Scoop Volume: 1.4 m³
  • Total Volume: 4.2 m³

27 - 35 tonne

EX145 DD

  • Scoop Volume: 1.45 m³
  • Total Volume: 4.35 m³

36 - 45 tonne


  • Scoop Volume: 1.85 m³
  • Total Volume: 5.4 m³

50 - 60 tonne


  • Scoop Volume: 2.8 m³
  • Total Volume: 8.4 m³

For smaller mini excavator buckets: Mini Excavator Buckets

The EX145 DD Excavator screening bucket

This Direct Drive excavator bucket portrays the pinnacle of attachment engineering. The direct drive means that there is Zero Daily Maintenance. Plus it is quieter to operate with internal hopper liners and hydraulic cylinder actuated ratchets. Also, the machine is lighter and more powerful. 

It is ideal for the screening of harsh materials in industries such as mining, recycling and stone quarries. The EX145 is suitable for 59525 to 7712 lb (27 to 35 metric tonne) excavators.

Furthermore, the unit is tough enough for any industry and material. And you can change the size of the screening mesh in under 5 minutes. Which is done on-site, with no tools and only one operator. So this means that with just one operator and one carrier machine, you have a functional site. 

These super high tensile mesh screens range in size from 1/4″ to 12″ (6mm to 300mm). The EX145’s smooth action also ensures there is no jarring or vibrating. As a result, dramatically increasing the life of your excavator.

The EX145 also comes with a smart valve as do all other units. And it has the largest screening size in its class which makes it a super productive unit.

Excavator Screening Bucket Benefits

  • You are able to change mesh size with one operator, in under 5 minutes, on site, and without tools.
  • Direct Drive models require zero daily maintenance.
  • The smart valve on every model allows for any hydraulic flow and pressure without modification of the excavator.
  • You can screen any material, including corrosive and under water. 

Q & A.

Question 1. How much does an excavator bucket cost?

Answer 1. You must consider the following. How many hours of operation to expect out of your bucket? What volume can your bucket screen? What material can your bucket handle? How quickly your bucket can pay itself off, and also how many times you may need to service your bucket. A FlipScreen bucket can be paid off in under 20 working hours of operation. It can screen any material at any load. And it requires minimal maintenance.

Question 2. How to calculate volume on an excavator bucket?

Answer 2. Rule of thumb is 1/3 fill. The FlipScreen EX 85 total volume is 90 cubic feet x 1/3 = 30 cubic feet. 

Question 3. How to change the bucket on an excavator?

Answer 3. A FlipScreen bucket is changed the same as any other. However, should you put it on the wrong machine, our smart valve technology allows the hydraulics to adjust itself. i.e No damage. 

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