The Wheel Loader bucket range allows for any material, application, and size machine!
All with high efficiency and no shaking, allowing you to move anywhere and screen anything with high efficiency and comfort.

The best Loader Bucket on the market!

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Loader Range

  • Models (WL750, WL280, WL285,  WL180, WL130, BL80, BL65)
  • Loader: 5 – 88 US ton
  • Load Capacity: 23 – 265 ft³
  • Width: 89 ” – 143+ “
  • Weight: 1785 – 9700+ lb
  • Volume: 69 – 795 ft³ 

The award winning WL180 Flip Screen is suited to wheel loaders from 35,270 to 55,120Ibs (16 – 25 metric tonne) and has a 2.354 cubic yard (1.8 cubic metre) screening capacity.

must be seperated and screened to different size’s, the perfect attachments for construction, demolition, landscaping, contracting, earthmoving and waste recycling industries.

The WL180 is built for maximum productivity in the toughest conditions. The WL I 80 can efficiently screen and recycle an almost unlimited range of materials in industries such as construction, demolition, civil works, scrap metal, quarrying, mining and waste.

Its super high tensile mesh screens range in opening size from 1/4″ to 12″ (6mm to 300mm) and are changed in under 5 minutes by one person. The Flip Screen uses a smooth, continuous 360 degree rotating action to screen with no shaking or vibrating – ensuring maximum longevity for your wheel loader.

With a range of loader buckets to suite any required size, and any material, we offer an industry wide solution that means you don’t need to look any further for other loader bucket manufacturers. 

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