The Skid steer screening bucket range allows you to screen any material! And on any size Skid Steer. All with high efficiency and no shaking. Allowing you to move anywhere and screen anything effectively and comfortably

You will only need to handle the material one time, screening it wherever it needed.

The best Skid Steer Screening Bucket on the market!

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Skid Steer Screening Bucket Range


Skid Steer: 5 – 9 tonne
Load Capacity: 0.65 m cubed
Width: 2279 mm
Weight: 810 kg
Volume: 1.95 m cubed


Skid Steer: 3 – 4 tonne
Load Capacity: 0.45 m cubed
Width: 2028 mm
Weight: 578 kg
Volume: 1.35 m cubed


Skid Steer: 1.5 – 2.5 tonne
Load Capacity: 0.3 m cubed
Width: 1753 mm
Weight: 347 kg
Volume: 0.9 m cubed


Skid Steer: 0 – 1.9 tonne
Load Capacity: 0.1 m cubed
Width: 1046 mm
Weight: 155 kg
Volume: 0.3 m cubed

Save bucket loads on waste disposal fees, raw materials, and transportation. By screening onsite with the super-tough Flip Screen.

The multi-award-winning Flip Screen can screen an enormous range of materials. Anything from bricks, concrete, scrap metal, and hard rock. Through to soil, sandstone, gravel, and compost. All inexpensively and efficiently processed onsite. 
Some industries we screen in, include Construction, scrap metal, waste recycling, and quarries. Our flipscreen units are economical. And extend the life of carrier machines with their non-vibratory action.
skid steer with screening bucket
Made to withstand the toughest conditions. The S45 Flip Screen has super high-tensile mesh screens. These range in size from 6mm to 300 mm. You can change mesh size in under 5 minutes. On-site, with no tools and only one operator.
Your skid steer does not need high-flow and installation is a quick and easy process. The unit uses a smooth 360-degree rotating action. With no shaking or vibrating – increasing the effective life of your skid steer.
This is the most profitable of all skid steer attachments. 

Questions answered about the skid steer screening bucket:

Question 1. How to remove the skid steer screening bucket?
Answer 1. The bucket has a standard quick hitch pattern; pull 2 levers to detach the bucket. 
Question 2. How big is a skid steer screening bucket?
Answer 2. FlipScreen Skid steer screening buckets range from 342 lb – 1786 lb in weight. 
Question 3. How many cubic yards in a skid steer screening bucket?
Answer 3. The load capacity of a FlipScreen bucket ranges from 0.1 to 0.7 cubic yards.

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