Flipscreen Vs Trommel Screen

Screen more, at greater profits, with a Flipscreen!


A Flipscreen is a portion of the cost of a Trommel screen. Not to mention much lower operating costs, maintenance, etc. A brand new trommel screen can be 5 – 10 times the cost of a brand new Flipscreen which will screen the same amount of material per hour. 


Flipscreen is capable of screening ANY material, it can be used underwater, with corrosive materials and to dig fresh ground. The flipscreen is also able to screen different size material with a 5 minute screen change, on-site and with no tools and only one operator. The trommel screen is simply not capable of this. 

Time & Management requirements

Set up time is greatly reduced with a Flipscreen, and with far less complex site requirements and moving machinery, it is far easier to manage. There is also no need for handling material multiple times and tipping into another machine, the flipscreen handles the material one time and screens directly where the material is needed, even straight into a truck.


One operator for one carrier machine and your site is operational. No need for multiple people to pay and manage/supervise.

Transportation, mobility & Logistics

Transporting one carrier machine saves on money, time and complexity. The Flipscreen can be changed between carrier machines with very little hassle. Flipscreen can even be floated on a truck still attched to the carrier.

Between sites and on site, moving a Flipscreen is a dream, whereas moving a trommel screen is a nightmare. 


Screen more material, with less machinery, less personnel, less time, less upfront expenditure or ongoing expenses, all relate to greater profits. We have many clients who pay off their flipscreen within 2 weeks of purchasing it. 


New Flipscreen models do not require daily maintenance. It is non-vibratory and has no internal moving parts. In fact we calculate maintenance costs on the EX85 DD and EX145 DD machines to be around 2 cents per hour. In terms of maintenance, the trommel screen is a nightmare.

gold trommel

Gold Mining

Stripping Overburden at the Site

The Flipscreen can be used at the site where the overburden is stripped. Using the Flipscreen as a classifier to load the trucks that bring pay to the wash plant would reduce the overs which means more pay to the plant. Saving fuel cost, wear and tear to trucks and plant.

Feeding the Hopper Directly

The Flipscreen can be used to load the feed hopper directly, screening the overs before loading the hopper.

The bottom line, the Flipscreen can save a significant amount of fuel, time, and wear & tear to equipment and plant. By classifying the pay gravels before loading the wash plant this will allow the plant to work more efficiently and the throughput will be higher, which equals more gold in the box. Depending on the location of the placer mine, the 6″ plus material could be as much as 40% of the tonnage that is hauled from the pit to plant. Imagine the savings and huge increase in pay being trucked to the plant.

Take up less space on site with machinery!

The flipscreen on one carrier machine takes up minimal space for sites that require economy without any impact on results compared to a cumbersome and slow to set-up trommel screen which requires extra carriers. Real estate on site, means money. The flipscreen can screen where the material is needed. You take the screener to the material, instead of having to cart the material to the screening machine. 

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