The Mini Loader range allows for any material and application, any size machine all with high efficiency and no shaking allows you to move anywhere, screen anything with high efficiency and comfort.

Our Mini Loader Flipscreen’s are ideal for any type of recycling or recovery process where materials must be seperated and screened to different size’s, the perfect attachments for construction, demolition, landscaping, contracting, earthmoving and waste recycling industries

With no shaking, vibrating or internal moving parts, our Mini Loader Flipscreens are a portable, durable and reliable screening solution. The super high tensile meshes for the  Skid Steer Flip Screen range from 1/4| to 12″ (6mm to 300mm) and are changed with no tools by one person in just 4 minutes, allowing you to easily screen different size’s of aggregates efficiently with no hastle. Your skid steer does not need high-flow and installation is a quick and easy process

The Flip Screen is built with high tensile steel for the toughest conditions and is fitted with two high capacity, high quality motors for maximum torque – allowing it to screen just about anything you can scoop up. Its compact design means you can take it to any site to create usable or saleable product from waste and slash your dump fee’s.

With its portability, productivity, strength and versatility the Mini Loader Flip Screen is one of the most indispensable attachments you will ever fit to your skid steer.

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